The Company is a global not-for-profit trade association. is committed to producing a reasonable and accountable smokeless cigarette market by offering the media, legal bodies and customers with education, interaction and research study. is an e cigarette trade group which has actually been developed to supply the media, legal bodies and those that are presently utilizing the smokeless cigarette (e cigarette) a single market resource to just offer the clinical truths behind a brand-new innovation that has actually amassed disinformation., as the longest running global e cigarette trade association, institutes and promotes industry-wide requirements and a standard procedure, work to keep sound expert practices and deal with federal government firms to guarantee member compliance to all state, regional, and federal tobacco & vapor law. members have actually been evaluated for compliance to all present market requirements and practices. members follow principals of functions as a voice for the e-cigarette market. Please call us to talk to or arrange an interview.

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